Our tour information packet will be sent to you approximately one month before your tour departure. In it you will find packing information, country descriptions including essential travel facts, day-by-day road and route information, sights, hotel, and restaurant information, and a full-size, highlighted route map. 

Our tour booklet has a lot of good information in it, but if you really want to delve into the histories and sights of the countries we visit, we highly recommend the Lonely Planet guide books.

It is important to layer your clothing for different climates, as our tours may go through cool high mountain passes on one day and warm valley lowlands on the next. Rain in the mountains can occur unexpectedly, so you should bring a rain suit. Information on what to pack will be sent to you in your tour information packet.

Catastrophic mechanical failures are rare. We regularly maintain our motorcycles so that they are mechanically sound before and during the tour. In the unlikely case of a motorcycle breakdown, we will make every attempt and use all resources at our disposal to get the bike to a service professional. In the very unlikely event that we cannot fix the bike, we will provide a replacement bike. Also, the van carries a spare motorcycle.

We try to provide customizations to our motorcycles, for example, a lowered seat, if you require it. Please let us know of any special requests in advance if possible.

Motorcycles come with basic insurance. You are responsible for the deductible , which will be anywhere from AUD / NZD 2,000 – 3,500 depending on the bike. 

At the start of the tour you will be required to sign a contract and provide your credit card number for the deductible. We will not charge your credit card unless the motorcycle is damaged. For lowering the deductible, you will need to buy an additional insurance.

In order to provide our best personal service to each guest, we limit the size of our tours to ten motorcycles. The average number of bikes in the group is 8 -10.

Yes, usually on our longer tours. Some of the shorter tours have rest days too. You can ride, go out for sightseeing or relax at your hotel on the rest days.

Yes, we can accommodate non-riders in our support van.


A support van accompanies the tour and guests can bring one large or two medium suitcases per person.

Breakfasts and dinners are included in our tours. Our dinners are usually a la carte, in other words, you can order anything off the menu.

The dinners are typically served in local restaurants, where our guests can try local specialties.

In all the areas we overnight, we choose only the best boutique or international chain hotels. The hotels we choose on our tours are anywhere between 3 – 5 stars. In some of the remote parts of the world (e.g. Australian Outback) we might not be able to offer the best of the hotels. We do believe though that these hotels provide the most comfortable way to see this incredible and remote part of the world.